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Time for Tea September 2017

While we might be known as the home to the ‘Best Coffee on the Coast’, we also serve a pretty mean cup of tea and we think that tea is fast returning to its number one spot as the UK’s favourite beverage.

The UK may be groaning under the weight of coffee bars and coffee carts, offering everything from mocha lattes to piccolos but the real trendsetter at the moment is the UK’s perennial favourite – the cup of tea.

This is not tea as your grandparents knew it. Although ‘builders’ is still very much on the menu, these days tea comes in all flavours and colours and each with its own associated health benefits. There are teas for calming, soothing, invigorating, relaxing, nurturing and healing. Teas are green, white, red and black and there are more than 165 million cups of tea consumed every day in the UK.

So why are we so in love with the humble cuppa?

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